Red Teaming Programmes

Fig. 1: Red Team Intelligence Offering

The Solution

A highly specialised strategic offering that utilizes applied critical & contrarian thinking to help organisations create clarity, adaptability, speed and advantage.

It will help you answer the following questions.

Rate how important answering these questions are to you and taking your business towards its ideal future state?

During highly dynamic, complex, uncertain and high risk situations, scenarios and events:

How can I better understand my current and future reality and respond to this?


How can I better define and unlock strategic opportunities?


How can I make more quality strategic decisions?


How can I more effectively solve complex problems and constraints?


How can I increase the probability of a successful outcome of my action?


How can I increase speed and certainty of movement and action?


How can I more effectively adapt and create strategic advantage?


The Elements of the Solution

The focus is on developing clarity and understanding as well as actionable intelligence. This will enabling you to plan, move and action with greater certainty and focus. 

Using Red Team Intelligence processes the focus will to find better strategic opportunities and developing robust strategic alternatives to unlock the opportunities.

Using Red Team Intelligence processes, various decision making methodologies and mathematics, the focus is to help you make better, faster quality strategic decisions. 

Using Red Team Intelligence and systemic thinking, the focus on helping you solve mission critical and hard to define complex strategic problems and constraints. 

Using Red Team Intelligence, game theory, probability theory and even data science, the focus is on testing and defining the probability of success of thinking, ideas and strategies. 

How do we engage?


Project interview and discussion session where collectively map out the project mandate and ideal outcomes as well as project dynamics.


I will then develop a bespoke project plan.


From here the project will be executed as the project plan.


Project will be very collaborative and constant engagement and discussion will be required.


Final project outcomes will be documented and presented back to you for robust dialogue.

The Details:

  1. Completely bespoke project design; designed around your specific situation and ideal outcome
  2. Engagement is based on your schedule and preferred way of working
  3. Spectrum of solutions on offer, i.e. you can ask me to either develop a specific, focused outcome or develop a complete strategic project outcome
  4. All work is documented, packaged and presented back
  5. Solution will be developed using Red Team Intelligence Thinking Methodolog

The Outcome:

A unique project outcome and strategic solution packaged, document and handed over to you for execution or implementation.

The intent is to create greater clarity, adaptability, speed and advantage during highly dynamic, complex, uncertain and high risk situations, scenarios and events.