Imagine we could increase the odds of more people doing significant things?

Born from Critical Thinking.

Red Team Intelligence was born from this critical question. I created Red Team Intelligence, because I want to help increase the chances of more people, leaders, innovators, thinkers and organisations achieving significant things.

Things that create significant impact on tomorrow today. The more significant things we do and achieve today, the better tomorrow will be.

Just imagine what we could do if we increased the probability of these significant things succeeding?

Andre le Roux.


A few of the businesses influenced by Red Team Intelligence.

Who is Red Team Intelligence?

Andre Le Roux.

My name is Andre Le Roux and I am the founder of Red Team Intelligence. I am a strategist, systemic thinker and an aspirational polymath.

My mission is to impact, shape and improve your strategic thinking, decision making, ideation and execution in an increasingly competitive, complex and uncertain business world.

I started Red Team Intelligence to bring a specialised, high value strategic offering to business leaders, decision makers and strategic thinkers. An offering that could help them escalate their strategic thinking and increase their odds of success through applied critical thinking. If you want to know more about me and my full strategic offering, please visit my website:

A Specialist Red Team.

The idea is to bring objective, critical and contrarian thinkers into the room.To realise this idea, I have assembled a small group of highly specialised and skilled associates. 

Johan Spies.

Johan is a retail and marketing specialist, innovator and entrepreneur. He is also the founder and Managing Director of Brand Aktiv and co-founder of BrandHive Technologies. BrandHive Technologies is an innovative SaaS company, specialising in cloud-based marketing management and automation solutions. Johan has more than 19 years experience working experience at senior levels of business.

For more information on BrandHive Technologies, please visit:

Richard Starkey.

Richard is a Chartered Accountant with a Masters Degree in Accounting and has over ten years of experience in accounting, finance, and management.  Richard has played a broad spectrum of roles in his career from CEO, CFO to leading  lead mergers and acquisitions find bride scam teams and taught financial reporting up to postgraduate and professional exam level. Richard is currently managing partner at CronosNow, an efficient, automatable systems and processes accounting service for entrepreneurs. For more information on CronosNow, please visit:

Stiaan Maree.

Stiaan is a data scientist and specialises in Natural Language Processing. Stiaan is a lifelong learner and is curious about patterns in data. He is the founder of Light Bulb Research. Stiaan has more than 17 years working experience and is currently doing data science and data analysis projects for leading South African companies. Stiaan is also an associate in Red Light Data Intelligence. 

For more information on Light Bulb Research, please visit:

Industry Experience.

  • Automotive industry
  • Alcohol & spirits industry
  • Corporate 
  • Business to Business categories
  • Education category
  • FMCG
  • Financial services
  • Heavy industrial
  • Hospitality
  • Infrastructure
  • Production & manufacturing
  • Medical & pharmaceutical
  • Retail
  • Security & defence
  • Telecommunications
  • Technology